The Arcadia 78rpm DJ Orchestra are a group of friends who love playing music outdoors. Jazz, blues, rock & roll, dance band, boogie-woogie, cha-cha-cha – and much more.

We DJ on old-fashioned 78rpm players, which we wind up by hand. We use clockwork technology from the 19th century and play records made from the 1930s to the late 1950s. You couldn’t get further from the anonymous iPad playlist.

We are available for hire for weddings and parties. Help us choose records and put them on, marvel at the ancient technology, recline in our vintage armchair, wind up our players and change the needles (children love doing this – and we need a new needle every three records).

We have found that we work well before the speeches at a wedding, while guests are milling around, photographs are being taken and children need entertaining. If you’d like to hear the sort of music we could bring to your party, scroll down to Listen To Our Music.


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We don’t need electricity so we can play anywhere – on top of a cliff, in a forest, outside a church, on a beach or riverbank; there’s no stopping us even when the tide rolls in. On the last night of the Port Eliot Festival 2015, we were playing on the riverbank at sunset and an exceptionally high tide caught people out – bars were flooded, the electricity went down, the bands on the main stages were brought to a standstill. But the 78rpm Dj’s played on.




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  • HOW MANY OF US Two players.
  • EQUIPMENT?  We have two gramophones and amplification if needed.
  • WHERE CAN YOU PLAY?  Anywhere!
  • HOW FAR WILL YOU TRAVEL?  We can travel any distance and charge per mile.
  • HOW LONG DO YOU PLAY FOR?  Generally 1–2 hours but we are happy playing to suit your requirements.
  • WHAT SORT OF MUSIC DO YOU PLAY?  Almost anything, to suit the occasion: Classical (this could be during the ceremony if wanted), 1940s jazz or swing is always popular, but also rock & roll, skiffle, or if you fancy a cha cha cha we're ready for that too. We're here to help. You can also choose the records yourself.
  • PRICE?  From £300.





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